We stock a huge range of raw meals for your dogs and cats.


We stock the entire range of  the complete dinners from Natural Instinct, Benyfit, Nutriment, Natures Menu and a huge variety of meat chunks and treats (we can order any products and they normally come into stock within 3 working days, subject to availability).


The Paleo Ridge and The Dogs Butcher ranges are entirely free of any fillers such as grains, rice or vegetables with the completes being 80:10:10. Benyfit also have a great range of 80:10:10 products which are available in store. We have regular deliveries, however, we tend to order the complete products as these have proved to be the most popular, however, we do stock plenty of bones, carcasess, feet, meat chunks and other fabulous treats (anything not usually stocked can of course be ordered, however we need plenty of notice for special orders).


We stock the entire range of Natures:menu's complete raw meals including the new True Instinct range and the Country Hunter Nuggets. We also stock all of the freeflow minces, all of the meats/bones range.


Purrform is extremely popular for cats and we stock all of the flavours in the tubs and pouches and we hold a small selection of tubs that are double minced for kittens.


All of our own dogs and cats are raw fed and we have seen a massive increase in the popularity of raw feeding in the past 5 years, so much so that we increase our freezer space on a regular basis.


We realise that not every dog/cat or person wants to feed raw so we also stock good quality alternatives. Whether you choose a cooked product such as Forthglade or Lily's Kitchen or a kibble based diet like Orijen, Canagan or Carnilove.


We will happily assist you to select the product that best suits your pet 🐢🐱