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The "BARF" diet is proving extremly popular for both dogs and cats,

so due to popular demand we now have 45 large freezers.


With shop floor freezers dedicated to our different ranges

7 freezers dedicated to the entire range of Natural Instinct,

3 dedicated for Paleo Ridge,

2 dedicated for Nutriment,

2 dedicated for Benyfit,

3 dedicated for The Dogs Butcher,

6 dedicated for Natures Menu and 1 True Instinct  

and coming soon Poppy's Picnic





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Orijen is a "Biologically Appropriate" food for your dog or cat. The concept

is simple; it includes fresh whole foods as nature intended for cats and dogs.

High-protein, low-carbohydrate and GRAIN FREE.


All foods are made from fresh (never frozen) meats including free range chicken,

wild boar, bison, lamb & wild caught fish. Orijen's grain-free recipes promote

the physical well-being for your pet.


Orijen products have a ratio of 85% meat and 15% fruit, veg & botanicals.



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ACANA Regionals are entirely GRAIN FREE and contain between 70% meat and 30%

fruit and vegetables. 


ACANA Classics normally contain 50% meat. Rich in protein and low in carbohydrates

and free of high glycemic grains and some include oats as a low glycemic source

of grain.


Acana Heritage; Puppy, Small Breed Puppy, Small Breed Adult and Puppy

are available in store in the 2kg or 6kg sized bags.



 The entire range of Canagan is available in store in all sizes

(including Picollo).

Coming soon Small Breed Salmon


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We stock in all sizes the complete range of Barking Heads and Meowing Heads including the NEW  popular grain free varieties for dogs, unfortunately the 6kg bags have been delisted by the manufacturer (except for puppy).


100% wholesome food and UK-sourced ingredients (where possible) which are appropriately produced for your pet. There are no artifical colouring, no artificial flavourings, no artifical preservatives, no g-m ingredients & no e-baddies.


Whatever the size or age of your dog there is a food to suit and plenty to choose from  for cats/kittens.




Lily's Kitchen is packed full of wholesome and natural ingredients to provide a

nourishing meal for your dog or cat.


We stock all of their yummy dog dinners, treats and grain free dry food.


All of the cat/kitten dinners are available rogether with all of the varieties of

the new grain free complete kibble for cats.



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Nature diet, Nature:menu and Forthglade are popular wet foods.

(Nature:menu is available for cats).






Applaws is enjoyable meal for your cat and dog.


A wide variety of cat meats/fish menus are stocked in individual pouches or tins or as multi packs. Some dog food is available but we suggest you call us to check if we have the variety you want - if we don't have it in stock we are able to get it within 3 working days (subject to availability).



Burns food is available in all varieties and all sizes  (however, due to lack of demand some of the products are avaialbe to order ONLY, with orders normally received within 3 working days).